Volume 5, Issue 1

Solution Architecture for Master Data Management in Hadoop.


Bongu Narayana Rao and G. Rajendra Kumar*



Master Data Management (MDM) is a set of techniques and procedures (shared with Data Integration tools) put in place to collect raw data from several internal and external sources, conduct data quality analysis and profiling. cleanse them, combine/merge to provide “Single Source of Truth” and 360 view of a business entity and redistribute to internal transactional and business intelligence systems. MDM is useful in Business Intelligence world primarily for managing Dimensions in a typical Data Warehouse setup. Majority of the MDM deployments use MDM as the hub to supply Dimensional data to several downstream systems like Data Warehouses and Data Marts within the organization to facilitate reuse of unified/standard set of Dimensions across several reporting systems. Most of the MDM tools are also equipped to suck in data from several types of both external and internal data sources and redistribute the constructed Dimension data to several types of downstream destinations in both batch and real-time. Current MDM solutions are also usually accompanied by Data Quality and Data Profiling tools to assist during Data Preparation process.



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Bongu Narayana Rao and G. Rajendra Kumar* | Solution Architecture for Master Data Management in Hadoop. | DOI :

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