Volume 5, Issue 1

Modelling of a Solar Energy Optimized System for a Residential Setup.


Mohammed Alghassab* and Mohamed A. Zohdy



With the increased pollution levels and global warming, people are getting more aware of this persisting problem. This is causing a great push for the demand of renewable energy. The trend started with electric vehicles, although this is a good step but still not enough. One of the most promising solutions is the installation of solar cells in household setups. With the tax credits and the installation of smart grids, which allow to recuperate some of the initial cost back, the equivalent cost of installing such systems is getting cheaper and thus becoming more feasible and within the budget of a lot of people. This paper, models the photovoltaic setup, the proposed system includes a battery bank, electric or a plugin electric vehicle, smart grid, and an array of photovoltaic cells. The proposed method also aims at maximizing the solar energy usage, or in other words reduces the amount of said energy that is going to waste by not having any active receiver at any given time of the day



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Mohammed Alghassab* and Mohamed A. Zohdy | Modelling of a Solar Energy Optimized System for a Residential Setup. | DOI :

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