Volume 4, Issue 5

Modeling of Leadscrew using stepper motor.


Priyabrata Biswal 1*, Girija Sankar Rath2 and Jagdish Chandra Pati3


Recent developments on actuator in the field of mechatronics leads to customization of various applications such as precision movement of robot arm or position control either in hardness testing machine or removing a work piece from conveyor. The design of stepper motor provides a constant holding torque without need for the motor to be powered & provided that the motor is used within its limits, positioning error don’t occur, since stepper motors have physically predefined stations. This communication provides the different dynamic performance analysis of two phase bipolar permanent magnet hybrid stepper motor under no load, rated load & overload conditions along with modelling Leadscrew. The model implemented using Matlab/Simulink tool and the results analyse operating conditions for the stepper motor. The angular & linear displacement of Leadscrew are controlled by the actuator. The performance characteristics of lead screw are good with theoretical aspects.



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Priyabrata Biswal 1*, Girija Sankar Rath2 and Jagdish Chandra Pati3 | Modeling of Leadscrew using stepper motor. | DOI : *

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