Volume 4, Issue 5

Stature Estimation From Hand Prints: A Study in Rajasthan.


Sangeeta Dey*, Vijeta Choudhary and A.K Kapoor


The Stature prediction occupies relatively central place both in identification and anthropological research, necessitated by the medico-legal experts. This paper attempts to establish identity from partial evidences to carry out further investigation in forensic and police examination. The study was conducted among Bhils of Udaipur, Rajasthan. The objective of the present study was to formulate regression equation to predict the stature from hand length and hand breadth (Direct & indirect from prints) and to find gender differences for estimation of stature among Bhil (males and females) of Rajasthan. From the present study, it has been observed that Hand length has come out as a better predictable variable to estimate the stature and the parameters are more efficient predictors in stature estimation for females than males. Thus, It can be said that more studies on various ethnic groups of India on the said topic be initiated for a proper data base and this will help in identifying the person on the basis of these measurements.



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Sangeeta Dey*, Vijeta Choudhary and A.K Kapoor | Stature Estimation From Hand Prints: A Study in Rajasthan. | DOI : *

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